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Different Eye Kajal varieties and how to use Eye Kajal.

  • Kajal is an eye makeup product that can be used to draw a line outside of and along the waterline of your eyes (both upper and lower). It gives your eyelids a beautiful depth and a crisper appearance while giving your eyelashes a nice fuller appearance.

World top kajal

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Black
  • L’Oréal Paris Kajal Magique – Supreme Black
  • Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal
  • Purplle Kajal, Winking Together – Black
  • NY Bae Kohl, Black – The Big Apple of My Eye
  • SUGAR Cosmetics Kohl of Honour Intense Kajal
  • Faces Canada Magnet Eyes Kajal

Types of Kajal Applicator 

  • There were no unique ways to apply kajal back then. Women used to apply kajal to the eyes with their fingers in the past. However, in the present period, numerous sticks and tools have been created to apply it, making it simple to apply. Some of them have been discussed below.

Kajal Pencil/pen

  • It is the most common in the contemporary age. And today, it is produced and sold on the market by large cosmetic corporations. It is really easy to use and maintain. Kajal pens are widely available on the market.
  • This is the eye pencil that almost all of us began using to apply kajal. Your eyes are graced by it. This is the one to pick if you are fresh to the world of makeup. You should pick a pencil with a rounded tip over a pointed kajal pencil. Your eyes won’t sting, and it will give the liner a uniform shape.

Kajal Brush

  • If you want a cat-eye look, you should use liquid eyeliner makeup. Your eyes will draw people’s attention first because to the crisp appearance that liquid eyeliner offers them. However, use liquid eyeliner only after practising, as if it oxidises even slightly, your eye makeup will as well. Use only a fine brush to apply liquid eyeliner to your face.
  • When not to use liquid eye makeup: If you accidentally use liquid eyeliner on your lower eyelids, it will spread and ruin your entire makeup. Only use mascara along the lash line at all times.


  • This liner fills the space between liquid and pencil liners. It has a more intense effect than kajal pencil liner. It includes a thin brush and a little compartment for the kajal. More easily applied than a liquid liner. Just keep in mind that this liner sometimes isn’t ideal for people with oily skin because the liner can spread because of the oil.

Eye Kajal dos and don’ts

  • Who like using and applying kajal? It works to enhance your excellent appearance in addition to beautifying the eyes. It’s true what they say—the eyes’ attractiveness cannot be fully appreciated without kajal. But did you know that a minor error in kajal application can ruin your complete appearance. In this situation, it is crucial for you to be aware of the tricks for giving your eyes the kind of appearance that prevents people from tiring of complimenting you.

Do not Compromise on Kajal

  • Never compromise on a beauty product’s quality, whether it be kajal or another type. Because this can damage the eyes and ruin your eye makeup. Therefore, always buy branded kajal that is suited to your eyes’ sensitivity. You may purchase organic, gel-based, herbal kajal in the market that contains Gulab has and works to protect your eyes. Your eye care will improve and your eyelashes will grow longer if your kajal is additionally blended with camphor and almond oil. There is no concern about spreading them because this kind of kajal clove lasts so long.

Cleanse the skin around the eyes

  • You should have noticed that many people lack oily skin around their eyes, which does not look great and does not allow your makeup to last for an extended period of time. When applying eye makeup in such a situation, it is crucial to clean your skin. Your kajal won’t spread as much or last as long if you do this. 

Avoid touching the eyes

  • Even after numerous applications of well-known kajal, the eyes begin to moisten. This typically occurs as a result of improper eye cleaning. It is required to clean the eyes for this reason. However, if you’re heading to a party and your eyes immediately begin to water after applying kajal, do not rub them; instead, try wiping them with tissue paper. If you don’t do this, your gorgeous eyes will start to look ugly and your entire makeup will start to deteriorate.

For Smokey Eyes follow these tips 

  • The Smokey eye makeup is really popular right now. However, this design only produces fantastic results provided you make no errors in your color selection. And blend it thoroughly to prevent your makeup from seeming sloppy. You must first apply makeup primer to your eyes in order to do this. Then, using a brush, set it thoroughly so that it merges. Then gradually add a transition color over it and thoroughly blend it, following which you should use a black foundation color for a black Smokey eye and thoroughly blend that as well so that it does not at all appear asymmetrical.
  • It must be thoroughly mixed on the crease. Following this, apply the conversion color to the crease once more after taking it, then blend in the black eyeshadow on the lids. to avoid making it appear to be crumbling. Apply black eyeshadow to the bottom outer edge of the eye and blend in the black kajal on the waterline. Finally, accent the inner corners of your eyes with gold makeup to create Smokey eyes quickly. Keep in mind that you must use a green foundation color for green Smokey eyes and a blue base color for blue Smokey eyes. It all depends on what you prefer.

Take particular care of this

  • Avoid giving anyone your makeup, particularly your lip gloss, kajal, and eyeliner. This means that if you come into contact with microorganisms, your eyes could become infected. This can make your need to seem gorgeous worse. Additionally, keep in mind that you should avoid applying eye makeup if you have an eye allergy. Always use herbal and organic eye care products because they are manufactured from natural materials and do not harm the eyes. Therefore, pay attention to these details if you desire beautiful eyes.
  • Kajal helps to make the eyes look brighter. When you use kajal, the eyes become more beautiful. Women frequently use or don’t use makeup on their faces, but they never forget to use kajal. Kajal is now available in a variety of brands and hues on the market.
  • The unique feature is that, in addition to black, kajal in different hues is now frequently utilised. You can attempt liquid, gel, pencil, tube, and box kajal in the modern day, but the most important thing is that you must know the proper trick to apply it. Even though almost all girls often apply kajal, did you know that if you use a few simple tactics, your eye makeup would appear lot better.

Know the shape of your eyes and how to apply kajal to suit it.

  • Although the shape of the eyes is an important aspect of the face, the color of the eye it frames usually takes center stage. Although there are many different eye forms, such as almond, downturned, and monoid, few people are able to classify their particular eye shape.
  • The various eye shapes are mentioned below, along with symbol samples and makeup advice for highlighting your stunningly distinctive eyes.
  • Women use makeup to look gorgeous. Without eye makeup, even the best makeup appears flawed. Women line their eyes to enhance their beauty. Applying liner significantly enhances the appearance of the eyes. But occasionally mishandling eyeliner can make eyes look less appealing.


  • Apply cat eyeliner if your eyelids are hooded. Apply fine eyeliner to the outside corner and thick eyeliner to the inner corner.


  • Women with this eye shape can wear a variety of eyeliners. Bring the upper and lower eyelids together while doing this; the outer corners of the eyes need to be lightly lined with eyeliner. Eyeliner must be used to color the bottom eyelashes.


  • deep-set eyes when they are turned inward, emphasising more elaborate brows. Deep-set eyes are what we refer to as. eyes have a deep-set contour. This eye form requires light, shimmering hues for the eyes. On such eyes, smoky eye makeup doesn’t seem particularly striking. On eyes of this shape, wing liner does not look great.


  • When applying eyeliner, women whose outer corners of their eyes are angled somewhat downwards must lift their upper lash line upwards. Your eyes will appear bigger and brighter as a result. On enlarge the eyes, eyeliner must be applied to the lower eyelashes.

Upturned eyes

  • Upper and lower eyelids differ in women with these eyes. In these situations, lightly apply eyeliner to the lower lash and create a line along the outer corners of the eyes with a rising eyeliner.


  • Women with amazing eyes are regarded as the fortunate ones. They must use eyeliner on their eyes appropriately. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, the eyeliner’s thickness is increased until it reaches the outside corner.

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