Lip crayons and how to apply them (for various lip shapes).

Lip crayons and how to apply them (for various lip shapes).

Lip crayons and how to apply them (for various lip shapes).

Look no farther than the lovely lip crayon available online from Faces Canada if you want the ideal smooth application and matte finish. The matte lip crayon comes in a wide array of vibrant colors that draw attention to you and help you stand out. Our selection of lip crayons with a lengthy wear time is the finest for both regular use and special events.

Lip Crayons

People have mastered the art of makeup over the years, and it continues to advance every single year. Look at all the people around you who enjoy applying makeup if you’re unsure why it could be such a crucial talent. Have you observed how self-assured they become as a result? That is how it can make someone’s day different. Each person has their go-to look for every occasion, whether it’s as simple and basic as a nude look or as rocking and glamorous as a sparkly one. For the majority of them, it turns into a therapeutic procedure. The lips are one of the most crucial components of cosmetics. There are a variety of lip products, including lip gloss, eyeliner, and lip crayons.

What is a lip crayon?

Lip crayons function as an all-in-one solution to offer you a flawless and polished look in a quick process. They are a combo stick of lipsticks and lip liners. In terms of appearance and texture, it resembles lipstick but is in the shape of a crayon. It is thicker than your typical tinted lip balms or pencils but smoother than lipstick. They have a pointed tip that makes it possible to line your lips correctly without the need for a separate liner or wiping away excess product. Lip crayons can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, including matte, metallic, glossy, tiny, thin, and thick.

The most interesting aspect is that they all have an incredibly creamy texture that makes it possible to apply them evenly without any issues or smudges. You could definitely line and fill in your lips in a matter of minutes, or perhaps seconds, if you’re really good at it. No additional measures are necessary! This helps you save time and effort, both of which are essential if you need to set up a make-up if you are running behind schedule for a date or a meeting at work. Because of how much easier and quicker your days will be thanks to this all-in-one solution, you won’t have to worry about spending an extra ten minutes applying your lipstick. This is made even better if you get a Faces Canada lip crayon, which is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and pricing so that everyone can have the opportunity to feel and look beautiful.

Difference between lipstick and lip crayon

After learning about these attractive and useful items, you should be able to distinguish between lipstick crayons and other types of lipsticks that have been available for a long time. Although they may appear nearly identical to you at first glance, they are actually highly diverse and provide entirely different feels and aesthetics that are each distinctive in their own way. We’ll give you a brief overview of the similarities and differences between these two items, and then you can choose which one is superior.

1  Ease of Application-

How many times have you battled to find the ideal lip to complement your features and your outfit? Even with all the various lipstick tricks you can find online, you still need to use three separate products to achieve a polished appearance, and occasionally you still don’t feel content. There are many cosmetics for your lips that come in the form of wands, pencils, or the traditional lipstick when you look at the ones that are available. However, each of them has a distinct function. For a finer and more refined appearance, you nearly always need to line your lips before filling them in; therefore, using a liner first is necessary for a flawless application of lipstick. All of that effort is eliminated when using a lip crayon because they have a gorgeously curved tip that makes it possible to quickly complete both of those tasks at once. Additionally, lipstick crayons have a creamier and smoother texture than regular lipsticks, making it easier for you to create the ideal look every time! Due to the fact that these intriguing items combine lip balm, lipstick, lip liner, and lip gloss with a shiny finish, they can be your go-to choice.

Moisturising Quality

All of us who enjoy wearing lipstick have tried the matte varieties, which frequently leave our lips feeling dry, chapped, and cake. We’ve heard some experts recommend using lip balm first, but it just makes your matte lipstick look glossy, which negates the whole point of wearing a matte lipstick. You have been experimenting and testing various lipstick hacks up to this point to find the best solution to these issues. With the incredible lip crayon colors now readily available in your area, you can put these problems to rest. You may not be aware of this, but your favorite all-in-one lip crayons are really smoother than traditional lipsticks. These amazing lip colors’ creamy texture and classic color give them a sumptuous appearance and feel. They are much more comfortable to wear with any outfit and last longer than standard lipsticks. The crayon is created with chamomile oil and cocoa butter, which helps to nourish your lips and protect them from the daily application of makeup. You may discover this lovely product in a broad variety of colors, from neutrals to intense red, and it will become your best buddy with whatever outfit you select. You can effortlessly apply an intense and thick layer of color with only one crayon stroke!

Acts as a great base

Because lip crayons itself have a very long wear life and a coating of lip gloss on top, your lip look will stay even longer when using lip crayons and lip gloss. You may now decide whether to maintain the matte effect or vary it up by adding a thin coating of your lip gloss that is glossy and glittery. But even without the lip gloss, they give you a sheer, clean lip appearance without the mess that the lip gloss leaves behind. These lip crayons are transfer-proof, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally spreading them on your face. Your appearance will be finished with a clear coat of lip gloss on top!

Works the same as lipsticks but better- 

Although lip crayons and lipsticks both function the same manner, why are the former more popular? Those who actually enjoy applying makeup to themselves or others constantly look for ways to do it faster and more effectively. Of course, some individuals prefer to be meticulous when applying makeup because, let’s face it, it takes practice to get good at it. However, most of the time even these make-up artists or MUAs prefer lip crayons. This is due to the fact that these Faces lip crayons are higher quality and more exact than lipsticks. What makes them popular with MUAs all over the world is their all-in-one capacity to provide you with a finished look with a one stroke. If you don’t believe us, you can witness for yourself how smooth and fine the uptime pro matte lip crayons are by viewing the swatches on any well-known MUA’s YouTube channel. They not only come in all of your favorite lipstick shades, but there are also incredible lip crayon combo bundles! Online reviews of crayon lipstick can be found, so read them and make your own decision.

Lip crayons and how to apply them (for various lip shapes).

How to find your perfect shade of Lip crayon

Anyone who like lipstick appreciates amassing a large collection of them, from finding a tint or color to match every outfit to discovering new and unusual forms and sizes from various companies. For their daytime or evening look, some people might enjoy wearing red lipstick, while others would prefer wearing several distinct brands’ nude lipstick tones. In either case, we are aware of how wonderful it feels to do so. But how would you choose the ideal lipstick shade for someone who is new to the world of makeup and wants to wear it every day as their default lip color?

Not all hues are appropriate for everyone, as any true MUA would understand. You might not look well in a color that looks good on your sister, and vice versa. The same reason leads to people spending hours hopping from store to store in pursuit of the ideal hue. When attempting to choose the ideal lipstick shade, a number of variables must be taken into consideration, including skin tone, lip shape, lip color, and perhaps even eye color.

You might be shocked to learn how drastically different lipstick colors can alter your appearance. For instance, bright color shades make your lips appear fuller and larger, but dark color shades make them appear smaller. The best and only response to the question of how something occurs is that it is merely an optical illusion. Lip crayons with gloss or shimmer can help your lips appear larger and plumper, but matte colors make them appear smaller. You must thus review the various suggestions we have for you to choose the best lip color in order to determine which one is ideal for you.

1 For fair skin tones:

Try exploring crayon lipstick color’s that are on the brighter end of the color spectrum, such as red, pink, purple, etc., if your skin tone tends to be on the fairer side. The lipstick nude hues and pink lip crayon shades, however, are the greatest of these. Additionally, these two color variations look stunning on those with dark complexion tones. No matter how stylish your dress is, you should avoid wearing color’s that are too pale or have a frosty tone since they may wash out your entire face.

2 For medium skin tone:

If you have medium skin tone, the greatest lipstick hacks for a rocking lip are to go for warmer color’s like corals and nudes, which have an orange undertone. You may also give it a shot and see how your skin tone looks with pinks, light purples like lavender, and mauves. These hues will undoubtedly make you look more youthful. You can also test to see whether you have a black lip; if you do, then that person is intended to be your soulmate!

3 For dark skin tones:

You can choose color’s that are a touch more vivid if you have a dusty to darker complexion tone. These include traditional red lips as well as hues like plum, wine, chocolate brown, maroon, and berry. These sunglasses will instantly make your complete outfit better and give you a rock star look and confidence boost. Your natural skin tone may be diminished by neutral or pastel color’s, which can also make your face appear lifeless and pale.

Although the majority of individuals use these color schemes in their daily lives, if you disagree and prefer to wear new color’s that excite you, feel free to do so. Make sure to locate the greatest lip crayon color’s from the best manufacturers in your area. Do not allow any color to depress you. You act in the way you think is best!

Lip crayon hacks and tips

Every makeup lover in the world is aware that without the ideal lipstick, no look is complete. You must have experimented with many lip crayon combinations to get the ideal lip appearance every time you leave the house, whether it be glossy or matte, sparkly or subtle, dark and intense, or light and bare. Whether you are a beauty expert or a novice, there are always fresh tricks that can greatly aid you in discovering the finest ways to preserve your pencil lipstick. Here are some advice items that each and

every lipstick user should be aware of:

1 Sharp edges and precision- You must have watched at least one or two crayon lipstick reviews or other videos where professional models or MUAs meticulously sharpen each corner of their lips while applying lipstick. Have you ever questioned why you can’t get that kind of look? The secret is to use a coin-sized amount of concealer to clean the borders of your lips after applying lipstick. Line the outside of your lips with your concealer and watch the change with the use of an angled or tiny tip brush.

2 Make your lips look fuller- This advice is crucial for you if you like to make your lips appear big and luscious. Don’t forget to exfoliate. Use the instructions below to discover how to achieve it.

To create a basis on which lipstick can be put, generously apply lip balm. However, if you’re using the incredible Faces lipstick crayon, you may completely omit this step.

To extend the lifespan of the lipstick, use a primer or concealer. Additionally, by doing this, you’ll be able to avoid overlining your lips and have the lipstick blend more naturally into your skin.

Only over line your bottom lip’s center and cupid’s bow. It’s a frequent misperception that over lining the entire lip makes your lips look artificial and unattractive. You can easily buy a finer tip to carefully overlie the parts with a lip crayon sharpener.

Use the lip crayon to draw the remainder of the lips as usual.

Apply your preferred lip gloss on top for an extra dose of sparkle and glitter.

3  Save more product- Every person who regularly wears lipstick has a tone of lipsticks that are just partially worn that are scattered throughout their home. Most of them are only used up to the point where the product stops dispensing and you run out of time to consume the remaining portion. Did you realize, though, that if you put in the time and effort to scoop the substance out of the bullet, you may possibly receive enough for another week or even longer? A pro suggestion for using the goods still in the bullets is to gently remove the product from the used lipstick bullet and place it in your home’s medication or pill box. Each hue should go in a different slot.

4 Hit the right balance with long-lasting lipsticks- Are you sick of wearing lipsticks that are so difficult to remove off your lips after a while? You are heard. Because of how fragile and delicate your lips are, rubbing and cleaning them too vigorously might damage them. Try massaging your lips gently with your fingertips after applying an oil, balm, or petroleum jelly. Take a cotton pad and gently wipe the product off once you notice it starting to slowly come off on your fingers. With just a few wipes, you’ll be able to simply remove the lipstick! Finally, exfoliate to eliminate extra product and finish by moisturizing with lip balm.

5 Keep your teeth clear of lipstick- Even experts who are accustomed to using pencil lipstick on a daily basis occasionally find it difficult to apply. On other occasions, models even end up with lipstick on their teeth. The key here is to remove any extra product from your lips’ inner corners. Make an O with your lips, then remove any extra with a cloth or piece of tissue paper. Voila! You’re finished!

How to apply lip crayon

You could believe that coloring your lips is quite simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. But if you are just starting off, we must caution you that applying lipstick correctly can be rather difficult. You will achieve an extremely smooth and long-lasting lip color better than ever with the Faces Canada Uptime Pro Matte Lip Crayon.

Let us provide you an extremely simple, step-by-step lip crayon how to use instruction so you can quickly find the perfect lip crayon lipstick look.

Exfoliating your lips is the first and most crucial step. Make sure to remove any excess lipstick or gloss before applying the next one, whether it be dry lips or color from the prior lipstick or gloss. To create naturally incredibly soft and supple lips, we suggest that you complete this step as soon as you get home and before going to bed.

Before applying anything to your lips, including lipstick, lip tint, or lip crayon, always remember to moisturize your lips. Before you begin the remainder of the makeup, apply your preferred lip balm or lip care oil to your lips. 

Normally, we would advise you to line your lips with a lip liner, but the lip crayon’s exquisitely pointed tips allow you to do this step directly with the lip crayon! Take your preferred lipstick color and a lip crayon sharpener to get the tip you’ve been wanting to line your lips with and ready the blank canvas for the color.

When you’re finished lining your lips, fill them in with the same lip crayon to obtain the greatest lip look possible using any shade of the Faces lip crayon! You will be mesmerized by how lovely and simple it is to achieve this look in a flash with this creamy and gorgeous lip crayon product.

To acquire that extra inch of matte texture for a longer period of time, consider blotting with a tissue after applying your lipstick, ladies!

Lip crayon application is more enjoyable than applying lipstick. Have fun with these silky, creamy lip crayon lipsticks and your lips, just like a kid playing with crayons and coloring books. Try new colors, find ensembles you’d never thought would look good on you, and reclaim your confidence by experimenting with new looks. Simply follow the directions above to discover how attractive and at ease you will feel using this unique lipstick lip crayon!

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Various Lipsticks types

Lip crayons and how to apply

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