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Milk Makeup Blush

A dual-purpose cream blush (Milk Makeup Blush) and lip color that combines moisturizing elements for color that is buildable and blend able.

Exactly how do I use cream blush?

Using a cosmetic sponge or your fingers, apply cream blush. To extend the color higher, dip your fingers or a cosmetic sponge into the blush and apply it along the crest of your cheekbones. Pat the blush in place until it is thoroughly blended and there are no noticeable makeup lines.

How do I pick the ideal blush shade?

Choose a blush hue that complements both the undertone and the overall tone of your complexion. You have fair, light, medium, or dark skin. Your undertone is either neutral, warm, or chilly. Choose a rose- or pink-colored blush if your skin tone is cool. You’ll look your best in peach and apricot blushes if the weather is warm. Any color will work if your undertone is neutral. The blush hue should be more subtle the lighter your skin is. Use blush colours that are more rich and bright if your skin is darker.

How to Apply Milk Makeup Blush

1. Prep Your Skin

Sara advises preparing your skin first if you want your blush to apply smoothly and be radiant all day. The Hydro Grip Primer from Milk Makeup will increase your skin’s moisture, and the Pore Eclipse Mattifying Primer will help you achieve a filtered finish and manage oil. (If you need assistance picking one, we have a whole makeup primer guide on these.)

Next, depending on the coverage you want, move on either foundation or concealer. Be deliberate when applying your base makeup, especially in the area around your nose and beneath your eyes. “Cancel out any competing redness in your skin so you can start with a clean slate,” advises Sara. This action will also prevent your blush from giving the impression that you have a cold or allergies.

2. Pick your formula.

It will be easier for you to choose the best blush formula for you if you are aware of the finish and level of pigmentation you want to attain on your cheeks. We adore cream blushes like Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek for dewy, sheer finishes. Grab a liquid formula like our Milk Makeup Bionic Blush for vibrant, juicy color. If you have oily skin, Sara specifically advises you to try this. Grab a powder product like our versatile Milk Makeup Color Chalk if you prefer a slightly sparkly look to your blush.

3. Select your shade.

The best piece of advise from Sara is to look for a hue that complements the mood of your overall makeup look. You can then choose the fit that complements your skin tone the best. If pink is your preferred blush color, lighter complexion tones may favors a soft pastel shade while darker tones may opt for a hot pink tint. But once more, the final shade choice is up to your taste.

4. Nail your technique: fingers vs. brush.

Having trouble applying your blush? Sara advises against swiping any formula you’re using directly onto your skin. Instead, select a soft brush or clean your hands if you’d rather paint with your fingers.

When using Lip + Cheek, repeatedly dab the brush onto the stick to ensure that each bristle is uniformly coated. A more even, diffused application will result from doing this. If you prefer to use your hands, follow the same procedure, depositing and blending the formula using your middle and ring fingers. For liquid formulations like our Bionic Blush, Sara suggests applying the same technique.

No matter which formula you use, you should avoid rubbing your blush. It’s important to pat and tap to avoid disturbing others.

5. Try a new blush trend.

Although there are countless ways to apply blush, Sara’s current fives are worth a shot if you’re stuck for ideas.

Natural Flush 

The best places to apply blush are determined by how your body naturally flushes, advises Sara. It’s not exactly the apples of her cheeks for her, but it’s just below the highest points of her cheekbones. By using this technique, your blush will suit and enhance the contours of your face. Once you’ve determined where you seem most natural, you can also blend the color upward to create the appearance of lifting.

Roaring Flush

You must find the core of your cheeks’ apples if you want to get that stunning, just-left-the-Bridgeton-set glow. Next, point your brush in that direction. The majority of the pigment will go where you place your brush, according to Sara. You want to focus the color on that middle region, avoiding the nostril region, rather than bringing it upward. A dreamy ball of blush should be visible emanating from your cheeks after stippling the blush onto your skin.

Halo Blush

Sara often uses “halo blush,” the 2022 equivalent of draping, to quickly achieve an upgraded cosmetics look. To achieve the appearance, draw a “loop” of color around your eyes that forms a “C” shape and extends from your temples to the center of your cheekbones. Keep your blush halo delicate and ethereal, or build up the color for a dramatic flush and blend it into the creases of your eyes for consistency.

Cloud Blush

Place your brush where your sunglasses would ordinarily rest on the bridge of your nose to achieve a sun-kissed look without any risk of UV damage. After that, apply the color to both sides of your nose’s bridge. Sara then enjoys blending her blush up to her temples. Keep the tiny color cloud concentrated solely over your nose’s bridge for a more subdued look.

Under-Eye Blush

Put your blush in the outer corners of your eyes for a fun method to hide dark circles. There is no need for additional concealer because “pink and warm colours quickly function as a color correction under the eyes,” according to Sara. To further play with with this illuminating application, apply blush just below the middle of your lash line and smooth it down toward the apples of your cheeks.

6. Clean it up.

If you accidently overapply, Sara advises taking a clean, fluffy brush and stippling it over the area to lift up extra pigment. You may also use the same brush you used for foundation and concealer to soften the edges of your blush for a more seamless finish. However, blush’s best feature is that it doesn’t have to be flawless. Take your preferred formula, then begin experimenting.

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